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Design your own dolls and share them with the World


  • Lots to do
  • Share your creations
  • Easy to start


  • Requires lots of time
  • Promotes a very consumerist lifestyle


Stardoll lets you dress up and customize paper dolls, decorate their apartment and compete in competitions to become a catwalk star, cover girl and more. You can be part of a huge paper doll social network

For the uninitiated, this social web application is aimed at 9-17 year olds. Stardoll caters for boys and girls, but there is much more stuff available for female dolls. Users can register for free, although there is a paid 'SuperStar' account, that opens up more features. Stardoll even has some celebrity-endorsed dolls and fashion

To dress up your doll you need Stardollars to spend in the shops. A new Stardoll account gets 20 stardollars, and more can be earned buy participating and voting in the various competitions and activities. Five can be earned per day, and four of them have to be spent on the same day or they expire.

Stardoll is a safe web app with simple privacy settings. The interface itself can be pretty overwhelming to begin with, but there is good help and guidance for newcomers. Overall, if you like dressing up dolls, this is a great place to do so, although what's on offer is very traditionally feminine and maybe too consumerist for some parents.

Looking for a social web app for dressing up and customizing dolls? Stardoll is the place for you.


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