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Mockup Plus

Mockup Plus 1.16

Mockup Plus

Mockup Plus-a powerful and easy way to use the application development tool.

Mockup Plus is a prototype building tools designed for agile development mode. Mockup Plus can be of great help for software development companies and teams for prototype building. It helps companies in the following ways: Version 1.16 Updates: 1.Optimized Image paste function, quickly paste local images & web images. Check it by Video 2.Optimized TabelView control function. 3.Adjusted the Font, fit to the user's platform version. 4.Optimized parts of the interface operations and improved user experience. 5.Fixed some Saving process bugs. 6.Added the Snap Align function, automatically aligncontrols. Check it by video 7.Adjusted the export slide function under Windows platform. 8.Adjusted some other details.

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