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Make your own loops with Aviary’s free music editor

Make your own loops with Aviary’s free music editor

RocFancy a spot of musical enlightenment this weekend? Then go check out Aviary’s boombastic new Music Creator, aka Roc. Like the rest of Aviary’s suite of creative apps, this free audio editor is entirely based in the browser, allowing you to create music loops, compose patterns and even make your own ringtones.

Music Creator boasts 50 different virtual instruments, arranged into folders. Drag one of these folders into the main editing window and you’ll notice that in fact there are 12 different sounds, each with its own track, which make up the ‘instrument’. You can then select the beats on which you’d like each sound to play just by checking or unchecking the dots.

You can play around with pan and volume for each sound, and even drag in new sounds from other instrument sets to mix things up a bit. Music Creator also allows you to change the beats per measure as well as the tempo of your productions.

Once you’re done, you can choose to publish your creation on Aviary or share it via all the usual social networking sites. Roc even helps you set the copyright terms.

I was amazed at how easy it was to come up with sonic delights using Music Creator. Granted, it’s very basic, but if you’re looking for free, high quality loops for a creative project you’re working on, Aviary’s app is a perfect alternative to trawling Google for royalty free music.


Roc interface

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